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Saturday, December 3, 2011

gaining more followers

i recently received a comment from this amazing blogger
(seriously. you will want to check her out.)
asking for help in gaining more followers.
now i realize i don't have a TON
but i understand the frustration of only having a few. 
here are some tips that worked for me.
a lot of these tips i got from ashley @ mommy by day crafter by night.
she is the sister of one of my really good friends and helped me get my blog going.
i owe many thanks to her!

1. link up to link parties as much as you can. 
i got so many more views/followers because of link parties. it does take time. i link up whenever i have the time. after i link up to parties, i always gain more followers.
also, i have a link parties page if you want to find parties to link up to or link up your link party.

2. connect with social networks. 
facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr, etc. then put a link to them in your sidebar.

3. pin things on your pinterest from your blog.

4. comment on tons of other blogs. 
every time you comment leave a signature with your blog address included.
for example when i comment on other blogs i write {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

5. create a series. 
i started with the abc's of hair series and got quite a few followers. 
each day was a new letter of the alphabet and a hair style/tutorial to go with it.
my taylor swift back to december series starts on the 6th! 8 days of taylor swift inspired fashion.
can't wait!

6. join in on various contests or events.
a fun one going on right now is the ugly christmas sweater shindig at family ever after

7. kinda have a logo-ish. 
(i am bad at this part.. i changed my blog design a lot.) but a header/button that look the same so when people see it on other sites they will know it's your blog.

8. guest post or blog swap on other peoples blogs.
email bloggers asking if they want to blog swap. they are usually more than willing.
i have yet to meet a mean blogger. if you have questions or want tips email a blogger and they will likely be more than willing to help you!

9. change that noreply-comment@blogger.com nuisance.
most bloggers have their comments coming in their email inbox. if you are a no reply comment blogger, when you comment on blogs it is very difficult for the blogger to reply.
THIS POST from the house of smith's is a fabulous tutorial for how to change this.
you may want to check it out to make sure you are NOT a no reply comment blogger!

any other tips for gaining more followers?
leave a comment below so others can check out your tips!

hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

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