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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

face lift.

it has come to an end.
i don't know what my deal is, but i just could not be satisfied with my blog for the longest time.
i think i have finally found something i like.
(cross your fingers)
(knock on wood)
blog changes take WAY too long. hey self: lets be done kay!
during this change, i went through 3 different headers then finally decided something i liked.
love notes has been online since april/mayish from this year.
here are the headers this blog has seen since then:

the first. i doubt many of you ever saw this one. i had this header before i knew much about blogging.

you are all probably familiar with this one :)

liked this one, but wanted to stick to simple

hand lettered....didn't love it.
sophisticated! this one lasted a couple of days then....too boring for me.
and finally. the winner.

what do ya think about new blog design?
be sure to check out the new link parties page. it is a lot more organized.
feel free to add your link party to it's corresponding day!
hope everyone had a happy halloween!

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