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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what you didn't know about michael jackson...

hi readers!
(well i sure hope there are still readers)
i know i have been off and on lately, and hardly ANY crafting has been going on.
i hope i get some tutorial time soon!
life is busy. that is all there is to it. 
but to remind you that i'm still alive, and that this blog is too...
i thought i'd share a little story:

you may know that i am a preschool teacher.
this is what i learned at school the other day.
disclaimer: i am a michael jackson fan. this story in no way means offense to the star.
it's just funny.

from the lips of a four year old:
"miss lauryn, watch this. i can do the moon walk."

"wow, that is quite the moon walk!"

my head:
"how is falling on the floor over and over a moon walk??"

four year old:
"yeah, michael jackson does the moon walk...but we don't really like michael jackson...we like justin beiber. he's awesomer."

justin beiber is totally awesome.

my head:
"awesomer....hehe :)"

four year old:
"did you know michael jackson got his neck hurt one time and his head fell off...so he had to get a new one...and when he got a new one...it was a girl one"

whoulda thought. bet you never knew that, huh!

have a happy day everyone!


i love comments! thank you for taking the time to write me a message, and for making me smile. :)
{love} lauryn

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