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Monday, October 3, 2011

flashback friday #4 features

monday monday..
i decided i will no longer apologize for:

the blog in progress
the lack of craft posts.

i have a life, and have to keep to it.
i give props to you who have fabulous blogs and can post so frequently.
summer was so much easier to keep to my blog.
but i should have time this week to get some stuff READY!!
so you be ready too.

today we get to see the features from friday's flashback!

the tied feature-er's for most viewed links are:


flashback friday for this week will be open til thursday.
so link up!


  1. You have a life and people understand. You can only do so much! There are never enough hours in a day!!! I appreciate you and what you do! Don't stress over it.

  2. Thank you for featuring our burlap wreath! We really appreciate it!
    Briana @


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