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Sunday, October 9, 2011

envelope turned to gift pouch

i guest posted over at oops! i craft my pants a little while ago
sharing this tutorial.
and now it's time to share it with you!

a couple of months ago, my cute little sister showed me a SWEET way 
to transform an envelope into a treat/gift pouch:

it really is awesome. and so easy.
shall we see what to do?

all you need:
an envelope
any size depending on what you will use it for
a glue stick
any embellishments you want to add!

start with your envelope:

glue the flap shut:

cut off abou half inch of one side end for an opening:

fold and score each side except for the end you cut.
(it doesn't matter the direction you fold it, you just need the mark.)

make sure to score the folds well.
it makes the next part easier.

no you are going to open the envelope
and sort of squish out your folds so are flat and make a square:

you will have the corner flaps left up:

put some glue on the flaps and fold them to the bottom:

and that's it!

add embellishments of your choice.
i shaped my opening and added paper & doodles to make it look like a popcorn bag.
i thought this would be such a fun idea for giving a movie gift card.

just slide the gift card to the movies right in!

here's what it looks like from the back,
you can see the envelope fold.

we are SOOO close to the 5 giveaways!
175 followers and we are there!
later, later!
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