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Monday, October 17, 2011

a collection of awesome album artwork

album design is so inspiring.
i made a collection of some of my recent favorites.
(now just because i like the artwork...doesn't mean i listen to the music. 
a lot of these albums i had never even heard...i just liked their designs!)

love the type in this one. the "pretty letdown" is transparent lettering. sweet!

love stripes. i think i would like the whole thing striped actually.

oooh. hand drawn buildings. love these.

retro hand drawn flowers, mountains, etc. great color combo too.
i think this one is my favorite. i really like the retro shapes lined up.

trees are always great.

water color background with a cutout on top. love it.

i think this one is fabulous. i love the distressed circle combinations.

fabulous lettering.

i love the black and white imagery with this one.

which one is your favorite?
any cd album art you love?

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happy monday everyone.

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