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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

handmade fabric & clothespin boutonnieres

my fourth grade bestie
my hubby's bestie
got married in august.

they had a beautiful rustic wedding.
the colors were navy blue & sage green.
it was really a fabulous set up.

she decided to do homemade boutonnieres (seriously i have no idea how to spell that word)
so together we picked out some fabric and made rosettes and hot glued them to vintage clothespins with added embellishments: lace, buttons, jute, ribbon, and beaded loops.
how'd we do?

they turned out waay good.
she got compliments on them all night.
i also made these guys' announcements:

{love} is too cute :)

and for these lovelies, we had a pinboard set up on pinterest check it out.
love you C & K :)

don't forget....a choose what you want giveaway is coming up when i hit 175 followers!!

happy wednesday!
♥ lauryn
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