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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

blog header for la vie j'adore

hi readers.
this week is crazy, crazy, crazy. moving is intense guys!
when things get a little back to normal i'll be able to get some more thorough posts up here.
today i designed a blog header:
la vie j'adore
for tasha over at la vie j'adore.
she just started her blog, and she's going to blog about her life.
such a cute name, right?
la vie j'adore is "the life i adore" in french.
SO GREAT! i love this blog design.
it made me jealous and i totally want to redo mine now.
best part about this blogger, is she's my sister!!

if you like the button in her sidebar, i made that too 
and will post about that soon.

at 175 followers, 
choose what you want giveaway is happening
5 items.
5 giveaways.
here is a sneak peek..
one of the giveaways is a CUSTOM HEADER!!

so let's get love notes some more followers!
just a note:
flashback fridays will be open til thursday, so link up your OLDIES!

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