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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"w" is for weaves

life decided to come along this weekend so i was unable to post letter "w" when i had hoped on friday
so here it is today!

"w" is for weaves

i've seen some incredible pictures online lately
...hair weaving.
insane. i love it.


let's do a tutorial, yes?

separate three sections of hair and pin them.
if you want your weave wider, separate more than three sections.

grab a section underneath and in front of the pinned sections

you are going to take this piece and go over/under your pinned sections
i twisted the piece so it was clear what i was doing-you don't need to twist

take another section on you hair line-
underneath the first side section you grabbed
 and go under/over this time.
continue for as long as you want the weave.

i tried this one braiding a couple pieces to add a different look.

it would probably be a lot easier to wet & gel the pieces before weaving.
i used my mom as a model (thanks momma) so i didn't want to ruin her pretty hair.
although i'm sure she would have been just fine with it.
i also think it would be awesome to do a lot more sections that are smaller so you have a lot going on.
but, it's more time consuming... and who has that kind of time right now!

the abc's of hair ends on the 31st! 

thanks for your patience with this post :)

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  1. Very Interesting...I could see this making some little girl very giddy :) Your Momma was a great sport too :)


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