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Thursday, August 11, 2011

"l" is for lashes

i realize eyelashes are not part of the hair on the top of your head,
but they are hair! and i thought you might enjoy some lash tips i love
rather than pictures of layers in hair...that was my other option.

so i have pretty short lashes. 
in fact, in high school a boy told me my lashes looked like a boy's.
SAD! how did i get caught without mascara!
i'm over that now, but still i want long lashes!

so here are my 
3 tips for long, full lashes:

1. use a lengthening/thickening serum 
no matter which one you pick, you will have to be dilligent to see results! 
with each serum listed, results don't appear until 4-6 weeks. 
but they are incredible when they do!

i use l'oreal lash boosting serum. 
i like it the most because it works and it is only like $13 at wal-mart!
i apply a line on my lid (like eyeliner) and on my lashes morning and night. love this stuff!

my mom used lilash for a while and it did miracles on her lashes. it costs anywhere from $100-$140 on various internet shops. (google lilash)
if i could afford this, i would probably buy it. but my l'oreal stuff works great for now.
now my mom switched to envyderm because she didn't want to pay so much for lash lengthening.
she says it works great as well and pays about $50 for it on amazon.
Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum 5ml (.17oz)

2. heat up your lash curler
i found this tip online years ago and have never turned back. heating up your metal lash curler will be like a mini curling iron for your lashes!
i usually heat mine up with the blow dryer for a couple of seconds.
if i don't have my blow dryer handy, i stick my curler in between my straightener for a quick minute.

CAUTION THOUGH!! make sure not to use your lash curler if it is too hot. 
it should be warm enough to make a difference, but not too hot that it burns your fingers.
i promise, it is painful if you burn your eyelids, and you don't want to jolt away when you have your lashes clamped down.

when i curl my lashes, i do one pump with my curler at the base 
and one pump about in the middle of my lashes and love the way it works.
i also make sure to do my liner after i curl my lashes, if i put liner on before, 
the curler takes off a little because of the heat and contact.

3. use two different mascaras
i love mary kay's ultimate mascara & lash love mascara. they work AMAZING to thicken and lengthen my lashes. no other mascaras i have tried have ever done this for me. so this is why i stick to mary kay. but everyone likes their lashes to look a certain way, so find a mascara that works for YOUR lashes. 
i like to have one lengthening mascara and one thickening mascara.

here is a great way to apply mascara i have found to spice up my lashes:
first, apply a light brushing coat to the top of your lashes-don't even touch the base- with your lengthening mascara (mine is lash love).
second, switch to your thickening mascara (mine is ultimate) and apply from base to edges. i usually do one coat on each eye, but if my eyelashes aren't cooperating i use two coats. 
third, switch back to your lengthening and apply another coat. use this coat to separate the lashes if they have clumped together-go SLOWLY!

**here's an extra little mascara tip-if your mascara starts to get clumpy, heat it up a little in your hands, in between your flat iron, with your blow dryer, microwave, hot water, etc. this will get the clumps to vanish and your mascara feels like new again!

hope these tips help!


  1. Thanks for coming to link up at the Weekend Wow Me Party!


  2. WOW! This was so informative! I have long-ish lashes so i really never have tried anything different. I think I might try a few of these techniques even though my lashes aren't super short. Couldn't hurt right?

    Love this series!

  3. Will have to try the multi-mascara trick. I'm lucky enough to have stupid long eyelashes (occasionally they brush against the lenses of my glasses and annoy me) but when I go out I like to put my contacts in and see how far I can take the eyes.

    Thanks for responding back to my comments, Lauren, I appreciate it. I would love to enter your contest but I am, alas, in a different country.

  4. Thanks for the great post. A girl could use a pick me up once in a while. My lashes have def thinned since high school ( and three kids). Andrea @ townandprairie


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