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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"j" is for jewelry

jewelry?? i thought this was the abc's of HAIR!!
well, it is! i'm talking hair jewelry!
not those little twist in gems dancers and little girls love, 
but some stunning pieces to add to your hair!
and guess what!!
an easy, no sew, no glue, no nothin
but first...check out these beauties.

we are going to make this little number:
it is very hard to see, i thought i had a better picture, but i didn't.
now i can't take another cause i'm in idaho and my cute sis with the bead is in utah!
if you look close you can see the feather bead on the lower right hand side.
here is another pic so you can get a better idea:

all the credit goes to my sissy. it was totally her idea.

you will need:
+your hair
+a long bead of your choice 
with a large enough hole at the top for a small piece of hair
+and a small small elastic

we got our feather bead at hobby lobby, there is also this cute one from JoAnn's for $4 for 2.

here's what you do. 
take a tiny tiny section of hair from somewhere above/behind your ear.
braid it tightly. it should be so tiny you can hardly tell it's a braid.
when you get close to the bottom of the braid, take one section 
of your minuscule braid and lace the bead on 
while holding the other two braid sections tight in between two fingers.. 
*this part is important!! finish braiding to really secure the bead. 
add your elastic to the end. it needs to go around A TON of times
because your braid is tiny & it needs to stay secure.

a close up pic of the braid:

the elastic hides in your hair behind the bead,
we just wanted to show you how it was braided after the bead & tied all up.

this works fine swimming, sleeping, and in the shower! 
thanks to my sister tash for this EXCELLENT idea!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and showing some love! I am totally into feather anything right now, earrings, art, etc... and this looks so cute and so very simple to make! Thanks for the inspiration! New follower, now I'm off to explore the rest of your lovely blog=)

  2. Thanks for linking up today! Hope to see you next week


  3. Loving this series Lauryn! So glad you stopped by Sweet Sewn Stitches! I have a few more teacher printables coming soon! Best of luck on your journey to teaching little ones!!


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  5. Oh, lovely, really beautiful.Thanks for sharing excellent blog.


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