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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

old school desk makeover

my dad had this wonderful desk in his garage..

i said "papi, i want this." 
and got it. hehe.
so i did some sprucing up with spray paint...
the end result:

it was pretty fun to take this little thing apart.
pencils, paperclips, needles, and paper were inside the bases.
and of course i found some nasty million year old gum under the top.
but i just kept imagining little kiddies sitting in this thing back in the day.
maybe they got the dunce cap for eating gum in class :)

i like how it turned out, except i am not loving the 'love'...
i did that very last, and was getting carried away
can't art be like getting dressed? 
once you are all done you take off the last accessory! 
shucks.. what's done is done
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