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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my version of a fruit bowl-tutorial

you have likely seen a version of this out there lately.
it seems to be a very popular trend.
here is what i used, and how i did it.

*make sure the pans you are using have a flat lip on top. 
that way when the spray paint sneaks under, you will be able to easily fix the mess.*
 ^^^read on. that will make sense soon. :)

turn the pans so they are facing down.
spray paint the whole outer side of the pan. 
(can i just say spray painting in idaho with no garage stinks. cause of this darn wind!)
let the spray paint dry. you may want to add a finish on top.
after the spray paint is dry, the lip of your pan (when you turned it over the small edge it laid flat on)
will likely be a little messy. 
take another color of paint (i chose black as it is a dark color and would cover up spray paint leftovers) 
acrylic or any household paint, and paint the lip this color. 
it is easiest to use a small sponge brush and just wipe along the outer edge. 
because of the shape of my pan, it was very easy to paint the edges with no mess. 
i imagine any pan with a lip will be the same.
let all the paint dry completely.
use E600 glue to glue the candlesticks to the pan.
do this with one candlestick/one pan and let the glue dry THEN do it again.
make sure the candlesticks are pressed down completely.
you might have to hold them there for a second to ensure their place.
{super simple and super cute.}

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