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Thursday, July 14, 2011

five minute decor board

finally a tutorial!

sorry for the lack of pictures, but.. this is so easy you don't need any!
all you will need are these {FIVE} materials:

  1. spray adhesive
  2. hot glue
  3. scrapbook page or pages
  4. a styrofoam block
  5. ribbon (the same width as the styrofoam block's edges)
get your styrofoam block:
Smooth Foam Block 2x4x12 1/Pkg-White
any size will work. mine was a long one and i used multiple pieces of paper. 
it would be super cute to get 3 12 x 12 blocks to put them in a row.

spray glue your paper on to your block in any arrangement you like.
if you are doing the 12 by 12 blocks you only need one piece of paper per block and hey...NO CUTTING NEEDED!

grab your ribbon and hot glue one edge of the ribbon to the corner of the styrofoam block. keep adding dots of hot glue as you wrap the ribbon around the edge of the board until covered.

WALA>>> you are done! 
add any embellishments you want with hot glue. i added tulle, jewels, ribbons, and stickers.
go crazy!
easy peasy.
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